Information about 4rd Independent Whisky Festival "Classicdram Moscow-2015"

Dear Friends,
We are delighted to announce the continuation of a much-loved tradition – the Independent Whisky Festival will once more take place in Moscow this winter on 7 February 2015. We cordially invite you to the whisky fest (now in its 4th year running), which we hold for every person with a passion for single malts, from newbies to experienced connoisseurs. We welcome our friends and, indeed, everyone who has an interest in the culture and traditions of Scotland – spiritual home of the malt.
The history of making and drinking of “usquebaugh” (or “water of life” – as translated from Gaelic) – is an essential part of Scotland’s history which, over the centuries, has been imbued with various stories and fables, legends and anecdotes. Whisky is an integral part of the image of Scotland, forged by countless examples of the courage of Scottish soldiers, the silent beauty of the untouched Scottish wilds, herds of sheep, the sounds of bagpipes, highlander’s kilts and the poetry of Robbie Burns. Whisky flows through the veins of Scotland, warming one’s body and soul...
It is really nice to know that in Russia there are so many genuine connoisseurs of whisky – specifically the hallowed single malt. The vast variety and the highest quality allow connoisseurs to express their admiration for the subtleties of the bouquet. There is no need to repeat once again the axiom of a ‘wee dram’, according to which even a drop of malt can grant one a great deal of pleasure, savoring and finding more and more nuances of aroma and taste in it. We will be waiting for you, dear friends, at our fourth festival, where you will be able to sample and find the malt whisky of your dreams – without any exaggeration!
If that wasn't enough, our festival offers an opportunity for a lively exchange of ideas with peers and experts, unique masterclasses by leading experts in the whisky world, cheerful Scottish music and traditional costumes, a raffle, and a charity auction. Our festival will charge you with the most positive emotions for the entire year and give you the opportunity to stock up on the best examples of "water of life" to keep you going until the next festival!
See you on 7 February 2015!  Slàinte mhath!